Sunday, February 19, 2012

Yugo M70 Stub Demil

Here are some tips on how to demil the stubs of a milled Yugo. We begin with the front stub. Here we will need to take off the bullet guide and the front cover plate. The cover plate needs to come off first, before we can get to the bullet guide rivet.

Using a Dremel with the diamond bit attachment, make a small indent behind the cover plate. You now may have to remove the staking dents that partially hold the cover plate in place (on the barrel face of the receiver). Or you may just skip to the following step if they are not deep. Using a small punch, drive the plate forward.

Now, drill out the bullet guide rivet from both sides, as both are countersunk. See pics below.

NOTE TO THE WISE: If you're planning to use the take-off bullet guide in a CNC Warrior receiver - be advised that it will not fit without thinning the bullet guide "island" -- the part that mates with the receiver around the rivet hole. This is a simle task, but if you ever want to use the stubs in a reweld project, you'll have no bullet guide to use. For this reason, I chose to buy a CNC Warrior bullet guide, as these stubs might still come to life as a reweld someday, so we'd need a bullet guide that fits.

The rear stub. I won't cover removing the grip nut or the trigger guard, as that has been described elsewhere at length. That leaves the rear cover plate and the top cover button. First the rear cover plate. Using a Dremel with a diamond stone, as before make an indent behind the plate. Using a punch, drive it out.

ANOTHER NOTE TO THE WISE: If you're planning to use this take-off plate on a CNC Warrior Yugo receiver, it will not give a good fit. You're better off leaving it in place and ordering one from them.

To take off top cover button, I prepared a special form screwdriver. This "donor" can be had for 1.99 at your local Harbor Freight, but feel free to use any screwdriver that you don't mind destroying. The grinding was done with a Dremel cutoff wheel, and a bench grinder for the sides.

I found it easy to grip the button in a vise.


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