Sunday, February 17, 2013

Semi RPD Build [Part 4] - Putting It All Together

Hello everyone, as I had promised earlier, here is the last chapter in the RPD build - Putting It All Together. In the previous 3 parts, we have made necessary modifications and have assembled all the subsystems of the RPD, and now comes the time to fully assemble the rifle and do some test firing.

We begin with the buttstock.

Onto which, the lower is installed.

Then, we install the handguards, and fasten the mounting bracket. Make sure to apply some thread locker to these.

This is what it looks like with the topcover and feed tray installed. To foreshadow a little bit, the top cover will need a little bit more fitting, but this will only be realized later.

And after all that work, here is what we finally get:

Some closeups of the individual builds:

The test-firing went smoothly for Chapaev's build, but the non-fitted top cover made itself be known for Voland's build. Now that we know the cause of the hickups, it will be fixed in short order. But without further delay, here are the videos.