Friday, May 6, 2011

.45-70 Mosin Mag-Fed Test Fire (Video)

Here is the promised video of the mag-fed .45-70 conversions:

Voland's build is working silky-smooth, while Chapaev's will require a tiny bit more tweaking. Though in this case, the cartridge is sticking due to the case being quite rough -- these were the rounds we used for fitting, testing cycling, etc -- so the surface is full of nicks and burrs. We hope to have more video w/ accuracy results once we start reloading .45-70 and have more ammo to shoot. Stay tuned.


  1. Very neat 45-70 build. I have though some about what it would take for a build like that. Looks like more work then I figured. Thanks for shearing.

  2. Would you consider building one of these for someone?